Using archetypes to craft your brand’s personality.

Arche-what?! I know, it all sounds a little far-fetched, but trust me: I’m not about to go all woo-woo on you. Swiss psychologist Carl Jung identified twelve archetypes – each with a powerful identity and its own set of characteristics, values, attitudes and behaviours. Identifying your archetype will help you humanise and add a little personality into your brand. And because people buy from people; the stronger your brand personality resonates with your dream client, the stronger their perceived connection with your brand becomes – helping you build that crucial know, like and trust-factor!

Now let’s find your archetype!

What can archetypes do for your brand?

Using the power of archetypes, you can craft a brand personality that appeals to your ideal audience on a deeper emotional level. Humans are funny creatures; we like to subconsciously group things together to make sense of the world. Knowing your primary brand archetype, you can use this as a guide for your messaging, tone of voice and visual brand identity – which will help you stay consistent over time. When you consistently associate your brand with one of the primary archetypes, people will feel a familiarity with your brand. And when they feel like they know you, they will start to trust you.

Take the Brand it! archetype quiz to discover your archetype:

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