Hey there, brandit! So: you’ve landed on this page, which can only mean that A) you’re pretty cool 😎 and B) you’re either a past or present 1:1 client of mine, or you’ve completed my Brand it! group programme.

It also means… I’ve saved you a seat in my top secret alumni community! 🎉 Have you ever completed a group programme, and then found yourself missing the people and the ongoing support from your peers? Or felt a bit alone as you figure out how to build a successful brand that not only makes you a decent income, but also makes an impact in the world – on your terms and without sacrificing your integrity? Yeah, me too.

And that is why I decided to create The Brandits. Here, in a small and close-knit community, you get to make new business friends and/or stay in touch with your Brand it! cohort + get support and guidance as you continue on your branding journey. 

Your price: €60 per month – forever*!

Yes it’s a paid group

Why? Well, first of all: when was the last time you really put in the work to get value from a free group? I’ve been in enough free and paid groups by now to know that the free ones can only get you so far. With free groups there’s usually little to no urgency to get your arse into gear, and no real incentives or encouragement for you to put in the effort it takes to move the needle forward.

And also: by charging a monthly fee, I can hold space for you and set aside time to actually follow you up properly. It also allows me to keep the group small and intimate, which will help you form authentic, deep and meaningful connections with your fellow brandits. That intimacy builds trust and makes it easier to form friendships, and that’s pretty important when you are potentially sharing about personal experiences from your life and your business.


*As more resources are added to the group, the price will increase accordingly, but the price you sign up for is the price you’ll pay forever – unless you cancel your membership and join again later, at which point you’ll lock in the going rate on the date that you re-join. 

So, what will you actually get?

The Brandits’ superpower is the community! Having a safe space to air frustrations, share wins, ask for input, a signal-boost or help to solve a challenge – and knowing that you are among peers who understand the challenges you’re facing as a business owner – is priceless. I know this, because for years I was searching for that sense of belonging myself. 

If you take that community and the combined expertise of each member, and add a growing library of resources + expert guidance on how to confidently build a brand that is true to you – that’s when the magic starts to happen! 🔥

Direct access to a brand strategist (that’d be yours truly then) in the community forums and through regular coworking sessions, group calls and office hours – when you’re feeling stuck I want to help you get unstuck!

A dedicated community space on Circle. I’ve deliberately chosen not to host this community in a Facebook group, because the lure of social media and all its notifications can be… more than a little distracting #amiright? 

1 x coworking session + 1 x group coaching call every month. Nothing like a bit of accountability to get shit done, eh? These 90-minute sessions take place from 2pm CET (8am EST) on the first + third Monday of every month.*

Monthly Voxer office hours. On the fourth Wednesday of every month* my brain is yours (at least for branding-related purposes) between 12-4 pm CET (6-10am EST)! This is a chance to get quick, personalised input if you find yourself in a bit of a branding pickle.

Access to all past and future guest trainings from my Brand it! group programme. For every cohort of my group programme I bring in at least one guest expert. You will get access to the live trainings for as long as you’re a member + recordings of trainings that took place before you joined.

A growing library of resources to help you build your brand. Yep. Every single additional resource I create for future cohorts of my Brand it! group programme will also be made available to you. That includes up-to date versions of the video trainings for each step of the framework.

*When I’m running a cohort of my group programme, the coworking sessions will be combined – that way you get to meet and connect with more of your fellow brandits too! Sometimes these group coaching and coworking sessions will fall smack bang in the middle of a public holiday here in Norway, or during my annual summer hols, in which case we will reschedule!

Is the brandits for me?

The answer is yes if…

You know that we’re stronger together and that there is enough cake for all of us! You believe that collaboration > competition, and you want to join a group of fellow business owners committed to lifting each other up as we grow our brands.

You know your sh*t, but sometimes your inner critic gets the better of you. You don’t need a complete brand overhaul, you just need encouragement and some gentle arse-kicking to show up confidently, consistently and unapologetically as the true you.

It’s not that you don’t have a plan, it’s just that the path between where you are and where you want to be is… foggy at times. Finding your way out of that fog is easier when you can rely on a friend (or 10!) to walk alongside you and help you figure out the right direction.

You often feel alone as you build your business, family and friends are supportive, but quite frankly clueless about what goes into building a business, and you need a network of people who know you’re not just playing around with [whatever it is you do] all day.

Join The Brandits for just

 €60 per month 



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