Your archetype is the Caregiver

Compassionate, Kind & Generous

The caregiver is compassionate, kind and generous – and they fear being perceived as selfish. Caregiver brands are motivated by nurturing and caring for others. They have the ability to remain calm in a crisis, they can make friends with pretty much everyone, and their optimism is contagious!

Customer service and reputation are really important for Caregiver brands. To leverage the power of your Caregiver brand archetype, be mindful of the user experience, stay reassuring and calm. Go out of your way to be of service to your audience, share heartfelt and sound advice and listen to your clients’ needs. Remember: you want them to feel safe, loved and nurtured at every single brand touchpoint!


There is power in kindness


Compassion, empathy and generosity.


Being perceived as selfish.


To protect others from harm and make them feel cared for.


Warm and welcoming, optimistic, upbeat, open and friendly.

Live the brand

Find ways to be of service, give advice and listen to your customers needs.

Brand visuals

People-centred images. Soft and curvacious shapes and typography.

Typical colours for a Caregiver brand

Choose soft, soothing and welcoming colour tones to emphasise your brand’s nurturing personality. Think of it as a visual hug! 

Other Caregiver brands

Heinz | Unicef | Johnson & Johnson | Volvo 

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