Your archetype is the Innocent

Faithful, naïve & optimistic

The Innocent just wants to be free and happy. Faithful, naïve and optimistic; they want to do things right – and they fear doing something that will provoke punishment. They see the good in everyone and deeply believe that everyone has the right to be who they truly are.

To leverage the power of your Caregiver brand archetype, earn your audience’s trust with simple, honest and positive communication. 


Don’t worry, be happy


Optimism, happiness and harmony.


Doing something wrong that provokes punishment.


To create a world of love, peace and happiness.


Optimistic and naïve, sweet and joyful.

Live the brand

Promote a feel-good outlook, strive to always do the right thing.

Brand visuals

Joyful or tranquil images. Gentle and feminine graphics and typography.

Typical colours for an Innocent brand

Typical colour palettes range fromhappy and slightly naïve, childlike colours to the more tranquil pastels, depending on the desired brand look.

Other Innocent brands

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