Your archetype is the Lover

Passionate, grateful & idealistic

The Lover fears being alone, and enjoys creating experiences that are capable of building relationships and making memories. They want to win your heart, as well as your mind, and they use the art of seduction as a means to excite and indulge.

To leverage the power of your Caregiver brand archetype, think indulgence, intimacy and seduction! Give your audience tactile experiences that appeal to all senses, make them feel adored and special, like you have eyes for them only.


I only have eyes for you


Seduction, intimacy, indulgence and passion.


Being unnoticed, unloved and unwanted.


To attain intimacy and experience pleasure.


Passionate, poetic, emotional and seductive.

Live the brand

Flirt with your audience, make them feel adored and special through words and actions.

Brand visuals

Rich and sensuous images. Soft, yet not too delicate graphics and typography.

Typical colours for a Lover brand

Choose deep and sultry tones, or play with flirtier romantic colours – to evoke a sense of intimacy and create an enticing look.

Other Lover brands

Victoria’s Secret | Häagen-Dazs | Alfa Romeo | Agent Provocateur

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