Bluecirc is a rapidly growing startup company, developing and delivering environmental technology to the fishing and aquaculture industry. They approached me back in 2020, as they were looking for someone to offer them some guidance in the final stages of their renaming process, and also to design their new brand identity. They’re looking to expand in existing markets as well as moving into international markets, so we needed to make sure they have a solid brand in place to support them in this exciting growth phase – and beyond.

From a shortlist of potential new names, we landed on Bluecirc as the strongest candidate, as it’s easy to pronounce internationally, and also had the best potential for a visually pleasing logo. The typographic logo is clean and simple, yet striking. The rounded letterforms act as a visual link to the brand name, and are contrasted by slightly angled stems. The round shape also represents sustainability and circular economy. The dot from the i is moved to within the middle c and gives associations to setting goals and hitting targets.

A crisp and clear blue forms the basis of the new brand colour palette, and the addition of a bright red/orange creates a striking contrast. This sets Bluecirc apart from their competitors, who have traditionally favoured darker and more muted colour tones. The branded surface pattern of circle segments provides a visual link back to the logotype, and also acts as a reference to the ocean.

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CLIENT Bluecirc

CATEGORY Brand identity 

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