A little while back Lene, the founder of CleanCup™, contacted me to ask if I could help her tweak her existing logo to a more visually accurate representation of her new and improved product. Spoiler: of course I could!

The new CleanCup™ is the result of years of dedication and hard work, and Lene is such an inspiration! Not only has she gone out of her way to create a menstrual cup that will fit every va-jay-jay out there (including us low-cervix’ed gals – with three sizes that both come in a soft and a firm variation you have SIX alternatives to choose from), she’s also working with Save the Children so that for every cup YOU buy, one is also donated to a girl in a country where sanitary products aren’t readily available. Now that’s bloody (pun intended) awesome! ❤

I’ve also designed an information leaflet, featuring custom illustrations by Helene at Strøk design – and these illustrations are just amazing! They communicate an often stigmatised topic in such a cute and clear manner, and really elevate the brand. I’m so stoked we got to work on this together!

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