“Just a logo” — but not really!

You might have heard me say “I never design just a logo” — and it’s true: very rarely do I deviate from my strategy first approach. There is one exception though: if a client I’ve worked with in depth before asks me to help them out with an additional logo to sit within their family of brands. Why? Because I’ve worked with them before, I already know them well = I already have in depth knowledge of their underlying strategy and business model. Heimbygg is one such example.

For Heimbygg, the challenge was to design a logo that would sit well alongside their parent brand Eiendom i fokus and their partner brand Boligpartner, but that could also function as a standalone brand.

Of course, they didn’t really receive “just a logo” — I also designed a sub-mark + several logo variations, and did some work on their colour palette and typography.

Client → Heimbygg

Category → logo

Budget → €3,000

To add a visual link between the two, I carried the roof angle element over from the parent brand, but expanded it to form an entire house shape, and incorporated the initial H. The vertical lines can also be associated with planks — a fitting reference to the construction industry.

Heimbygg — we build your dream.

To further emphasise the relationship to the parent brand, we opted for an overlapping colour palette and typography:

  • The deep blue and charcoal grey were carried over from the parent brand, and we added a teal and an aqua colour to differentiate the two.
  • The primary brand typeface remains the same across the two brand identities, but a casual handwriting font was added to give Heimbygg a more relaxed vibe.



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