Nutritionist Helene Ragnhild is passionate about helping people find their inner glow through nutritious and delicious food. Through her online courses, she teaches her clients how to eat to make their bodies feel good; for more energy, gut balance and a body that radiates health from the inside out!

Helene’s primary target audience is women who want to eat well, increase their energy levels and better their health – without fad diets, starvation or frantic calorie counting. With that in mind we created a personal brand that reflects Helene’s approach and personality, and that will appeal to a predominantly female audience.

The brand identity is centered around a script typeface to give Helene a personal “signature” and connect her to the brand. This signature typeface is carried through to her course logos, in combination with a clean and understated sans serif. A simple and clean icon that symbolises food, health, balance, growth and radiance was introduced for the sub-mark, and is complemented by a matching set of line icons.

The primary colour palette is soft and muted, with tones of sage and heather. These are combined with lots of whitespace to give a clean and airy look. We also introduced some stronger colours to use for CTAs, and a deep ochre to allow her to create a more vibrant look for her courses that are aimed at families with young children. Helene likes a bit of sparkle, so we added elements of gold that she can use to spice thinks up a little.   

The gorgeous photos of Helene, as seen in the mockups, are taken by photographer Henrik Beckheim.


CLIENT Helene Ragnhild

CATEGORY Brand identity 

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