A school of visual & performing arts gets a dynamic rebrand.

Music. Dance. Drama. Visual arts. Can one simple logo represent them all? That question took centre stage as I worked with Kulturskolen for alle to carve out their new brand identity. How do we communicate their vision, their mission, their personality — all that this complex and diverse organisation is and stands for — in one unified visual identity?

The answer to that first question is, of course, no. The answer to the second question is: we craft a purposefully simple, yet infinitely flexible, brand identity to act as a container for it all.

Category → identity

Budget → €5,500

The entire brand identity revolves around the word “alle” (= Norwegian for everyone). This stylised wordmark is still legible, but the letterforms are soft, organic, and flow across an imaginary wave — adding movement and a sense of emotion, reminiscent of the ocean, the flow of music, a dance movement, the stroke of a paintbrush across canvas.

The wordmark is also an ambigram, a nice little detail to add interest.

The ambigram becomes the star of the show when used as a decorative element. We literally fill it to the brim with all the creativity that this school of visual & performing arts contains; student artwork, as well as photos from performances and concerts. This enables not only the organisation, but also the students and teachers, to claim ownership of the brand identity.

The colour palette is based around two shades of blue — contrasted with six vibrant accent colours. This provides a calm base that does not distract too much from the vibrancy of the art, but also allows for pops of colour to add interest and contrast.

The typography is kept clean and simple to enhance, rather chan compete with, the bold use of decorative images.

Texta Alt is a spin on the classic sans serif, featuring subtle details that add a touch of personality, and an inviting, friendly look.


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