Kristiansund og Nordmøre Næringsforum (KNN) is a regional membership association for businesses of all sizes, organisations and municipalities in Kristiansund and the surrounding area. They work to stimulate and facilitate business growth, create, encourage and nurture business networks, as well as promoting the entire region as an attractive place to live and work.

KNN was formed in 2016, as a result of a merger between several local organisations, and they came to me for a brand refinement earlier this year. They wanted to modernise their brand and become more distinct, in order to attract more members. During our initial strategy meetings it became clear that a full-on complete rebrand was not the way to go, as they already enjoy the benefits of strong brand recognition. Rather than pulling the rug out from under their feet and start from scratch, it made sense to refine and expand their existing visual identity.

The solution was to tweak the existing logo (see the original logo here) by taking it from two colours to one, and at the same time revising the typography, spacing and proportions. I also created several logo variations, as well as submarks and icons to give them greater flexibility. We also separated the tagline from the logo, as a part of the long term plan to establish KNN as their primary brand name. The brand typography was revised too, opting for a typeface that reflects the angles in the logo mark – and an angular abstract design element ties everything together visually, whilst also representing forward thinking, community and collaboration. The brand colour palette was extended, to allow for a dynamic brand identity – and the secondary brand colours were all inspired by Kristiansund’s history as “the polychromatic town” – a subtle nod to the past, but also a vision for a vibrant future.



CATEGORY Brand refinement 

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