Once a year I donate a brand identity to a charity or non-profit organisation. Over the past six months I have been working with the team over at Skillhus to make sure their visual branding matches their ambitions and their passion for their cause: helping skilled refugees and migrants find meaningful and relevant employment, by acting as a bridge between jo seekers and employers. 

I wanted to make Skillhus stand out in a sea of corporate blue, to truly differentiate them whilst still appealing to the corporate world. “Professional” does not need to equal “boring” though – and who wants to blend in, when you can proudly flaunt your wow-factor?

I loved that they were already using a bright and eye catching magenta + black colour palette, and I really wanted to retain that youthful vibrancy. The addition of a deep purple, and swapping the pure black for a dark grey, resulted in a softer and more approachable feel. The brand gradient also adds another dimension to the overall look and feel of the brand.

The segments of the logo icon come together to form a stylised S, and symbolises pieces of the puzzle falling into place – after all, a meaningful and enjoyable job is a very important component in a good life, and has great impact towards successful integration and a sense of acievement. The pink segment is a homage to the old logo, and helps to retain brand recognition.

The chosen brand font also has a playful and slightly quirky look, and adds interest whilst still looking professional. The soft, rounded characters are inviting and approachable.

CLIENT Skillhus


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