Yup. That was an actual sentence uttered during one of our initial calls before this project got underway! We had a good giggle about it then, but the question was timely – after all, we didn’t want to cross the line over to Tackytown.

Tina Holt helps budding authors write awesome books and get their voices heard. She wanted a personal brand that reflected some of her own personality, whilst still coming across as professional. She wanted stars, glitter and gold, and that is what she got – teamed with subtle watercolour textures and custom designed decorative elements.

An informal brush font bursting with life and personality was teamed with stars from the decorative illustrations to create the main logo. The same brush font is used throughout for headings and highlighted text, and a clean sans serif balances everything out nicely. The watercolour textures add life and interest without being too overpowering, and to make sure we didn’t go full-on ott with the gold and glitter effects they’re kept to the same colour tone and a fixed set of shapes.

CLIENT Tina Holt 

CATEGORY Brand identity 

Ooooh, I want an awesome brand identity too!

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