On the island of Tustna, just as the narrow road has taken you on so many winding twists and turns that you think you’re lost, is a beautiful beach area that has been used for recreation since the dawn of day. This is where you’ll find Tustna Ladestasjon. If you’ve arrived here on a quest to get some extra oomph for your electric car, you’d have to keep going – this charging station is for your body and soul. In these gorgeous surroundings, Pål and Mona Kristiansen are realising their dream: to create a retreat that offers peace and quiet, good food, and experiences for your senses. A digital detox, off the grid. A slightly odd but alluring thought, right?

The brand identity is centred around a hand drawn logo, complemented by design elements that evoke associations to a tree’s growth rings… topographic lines on a map… or rings on the surface of a quiet lake – leaving room for interpretation and inviting the mind to wander. The colour palette of muted greens and blues with a contrasting warm yellow and dark slate, allow for a flexible look – ever changing and full of contrast, like the ocean, the seasons, and nature. Stormy autumn nights, crisp winter days, cooling summer breeze, and rays of golden sunshine. 

During the process of crafting a unique brand for this fantastic concept, I’ve gotten to know Pål and Mona and their philosophy, visions and plans for this picturesque area. It’s been an absolute pleasure, and I can’t wait to follow their journey!


Petchy has really put time and energy into getting to know who we are, what we’re all about, and what we want to achieve. She’s inhaled the scents of the beach, peeked at our colour choices, and listened to our preferences. From this she has created a brand identity the we’re proud of, and can’t wait to implement!

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