Your suitcase is all packed, passports and tickets are ready, you’re all excited about your holiday… but what about the cat?!

No, there’s no need for your four-legged friend to be left home alone. He’s going on holiday too! At Averøy Kattehotel (cat hotel, if you hadn’t worked that one out already) a relaxed and cozy atmosphere with a hint of nature and welcoming colours awaits. A dreamy cat bed, caves, scratching posts, stuff to climb on, aquarium, toy mice, quality food, a large secure outdoor area, new friends, loads of cuddles… what more could a cat want?

For Averøy Kattehotell, I’ve designed a playful and quirky brand identity with plenty of humour and a distinct look. Just like every cat has their own personality, I wanted to create a brand identity that had its own very unique personality. A warm and humorous use of imagery and text, combined with playful colours and typography, leaves no doubt: this luxury cat hotel isn’t just another cattery! A sense of security and joy is present throughout – you should be confident that your cat is well looked after during their stay.

A very happy cat indeed is the main element of the logo, and is also used as a free-standing icon and to create surface patterns. The brand colours are inspired by nature, with autumnal hues of heather and yellowing birch leaves – the combination of muted purple and lilac alongside a fresher yellow creates a feel-good mood.


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