CHALLENGE: Many people are talking about the region of Nordmøre – but there’s no clear definition of what that actually means. Sometimes all the municipalities are included, sometimes only a few. The regional town project sets out to strengthen our entire region, to unite and to showcase all of what the region can offer.

“Urban development spans across municipalities, counties and regions. Successful urban development is more about creating good communities for residents and businesses, than discussing what should be located on which side of administrative boundaries.”
[ Jan Tore Sanner ]

My brief was to create a logo and visual identity that would symbolise unity and the creation of values across administrative boundaries. The final solution is a circle formed from several segments, to symbolise a unified whole that is not complete without each individual segment.

The colour palette includes yellow (symbolising optimism, creativity and energy), orange (symbolising motivation and positivity) and blue (symbolising trust, wisdom and stability) and creates a link to Kristiansund’s history of being “the polychrome town”.

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