“Everybody knows that snowmen don’t simply melt – they hide below the ground in Snowmanland when the temperature rises. And then they surface again when King Winter calls, with their big smiles and carrot noses, ready to spread joy to children and adults alike. Snowmen need warmth to keep a constant temperature of about -5 degrees – and to melt drinking water. They find this warmth within themselves, from gifts they receive; like gratitude, empathy, generosity and friendship – and from gifts they give; like wisdom, frugality or love.”

This is the opening paragraph of the synopsis for Snømannland – a christmas musical focusing on the values of Christmas, celebrating being different, and cheering on generosity in the form of immaterial gifts like love and patience. In Snowmanland we are introduced to the warm and generous Mrs. Advent, and the leisurely Christmas Eve who is full of cheer (and food), Day Before Christmas who is constantly stressed out… to name but a few! We also meet characters like Whiney, Toomuchinlove, Cleptomine, Jealucia, Greedypants, Envy and Must Have It. It’s going to be a blast!

I’ve been lucky enough to design a fun and colourful brand identity for this wonderful universe of quirky and heartwarming characters, and it was so much fun! The identity consists of a typographic logo and a set of playful illustrations to set the stage for the show. The colour scheme spans from icy blue right through to warm yellow and red hues. The playful illustrations appeal to children – but adults might also recognise the characters, and perhaps giggle knowingly at Day Before Christmas’ somewhat shaky appearance.

Thanks to Colombine and Kristiansund Kulturskole for trusting me with this super fun project!

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