Your archetype is the Sage

Wise, thoughtful & truth-seeking

The Sage is always seeking the truth. They value wisdom, knowledge and insight highly. They encourage others to think and are often perceived as experts or mentors. They seek not only to understand the world, but also to share that understanding with others.

To leverage the power of your Sage brand archetype, use a high-level vocabulary and never ever patronise your audience. Instead, trust them to grasp complex concepts. Be an educator and a mentor.


Intelligence will never stop being beautiful


Knowledge, information and understanding. 


Stupidity and ignorance.


To discover the truth.


Higher level vocabulary with layered messages and a factual tone.

Live the brand

Be an advocate for hard facts, be analytical and take on a mentor role.

Brand visuals

Classic or historic images. Solid and grounded graphics and typography.

Typical colours for a Sage brand

Choose grounded and solid colours that evoke a feeling of wisdom, stability and rationality.

Other Sage brands

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