The Lone Brandit

A self-paced course to help you get clear on your brand fundamentals + find the confidence to show up as youattract more of those omg, yes! 🤩 clients.

What would it feel like to attract clients who totally get you, value what you do, and you have an absolute blast working with? A strong and strategic brand will help you do just that! People buy into your brand because it speaks to their emotions and makes them feel like they are part of something bigger, so a pretty logo on its own isn’t gonna cut it. When you have a clear purpose, and heartfelt brand values that your kind of people can get behind… they are much more likely to be drawn to you.

That’s the power of a values-driven brand! To tap into that superpower, I’ll guide you as you uncover the purpose, vision and values that define your brand – and craft a plan for how to put it all into action.



Errr, no. I don’t believe that brand strategy should only be accessible for big corporations with massive budgets, which is why I created this course. By leveraging the power of online learning, I can help you build a kick-ass brand without the hefty corporate price tag.

The key that will unlock your brand’s true potential is in your hands. Inside The Lone Brandit you’ll dive into the very core of your brand to define and implement your purpose, values and unique personality. Video guides, workbooks, exercises and a bunch of other resources will help you along the way.

In short: I’ve bundled up literally everything you need to establish a solid brand foundation into this course.

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What you'll learn


Get to know the Brand it! framework. The heart of my process and the essence of my entire branding philosophy, this framework will be your companion throughout this entire course. The Brand it! workbook (with lots of practical exercises) is of course included, to guide you on the journey.

Module 1

You’ll be defining, refining and articulating your purpose, vision and mission, brand values and goals — aka your brand core. The insights you’ll get from the work you do in this module will inform and influence every single part of your brand moving forward!

module 2

Brand playground. Time to take a look at who else is in the playground: your competitors. You’ll also conduct a gap analysis, to figure out where you are vs. where you want to be, before exploring your niche, ideal client and brand positioning – aka your sweet-spot in the playground.

Module 3

Brand personality = assigning human characteristics to a brand in order to resonate with a specific audience. Thinking about your brand as a person with unique personality traits makes it easier to show up in a way that speaks to your ideal clients on an emotional level. And it’s fun too!

Module 4

Brand messaging. Time to explore what important message you have to share with the world and how to get that across to the right people, as we get to work on your brand story, brand promise, value proposition, tagline, slogan and key message(s).

module 5

Brand implementation. It’s finally time to implement! In this module you will get a basic understanding of the different ways you can put your brand core into action; from your visual and verbal brand identity, to all your brand’s touchpoints, brand experience and brand culture.

Module 6

What next? Brand strategy is all about bridging the gap between where you are currently at and where you want to be. It’s time to turn challenges into solutions and solutions into actions, as you create your brand roadmap: your personal plan for how to reach your brand goals!

The trainings

🎬  + 📄 + 📝

We all learn in different ways, and so the course materials will be delivered in different formats. Each module has a training video of approximately 20-30 minutes + written content for those who prefer to read. The workbook also provides supportive written content, and should be referenced throughout.

Note: I want to do better! The course videos are not captioned, but full transcripts are available. Accessibility is important to me, and it is my intention that the next iteration of the video trainings will have captions. These will replace the current videos, at no extra cost to you.

Bonus content

In addition to the Brand it! strategy workbook (a 72-page fillable PDF) you will also get additional bonus resources:

The Brand it! checklist – a mini brand audit to help you take a closer look at all of your brand’s elements, and the overall state of your brand.

Brand story template that will help you craft a compelling and captivating brand narrative that speaks to your dream client!

Sample brand perception survey that you can copy to your own Google drive to make it your own + swipe copy for sending out the survey.

Design brief template that you can fill in + hand over to your brand designer so they can easily design visual assets to represent your brand essence.

+ more!

What this course is not.

TLB is not a ‘how to design a logo’ kinda course. In fact, there’s no actual designing involved at all. You probably already have some form of visual brand identity, even if it’s not intentional. Maybe you’re feeling like it’s ‘not quite right’ and you just can’t pinpoint why – or maybe you’re considering a rebrand and want to do it ‘the right way round’ this time – either way, working in-depth on your brand strategy will allow you to identify your next steps. After TLB you might realise you don’t even need a full visual rebrand – that your next best step is something else entirely. Like tweaking your positioning or target audience to be more in line with your purpose and values. Or maybe you do need a visual rebrand, but at least this way you will do it for the right reasons and not just because you caught the ‘Canva itch’ or got obsessed with someone else’s visual identity.

What you will have is a damn fine strategic foundation on which to build a killer brand identity, whether you go down the DIY route or hire a designer – and remember: a logo is just a teeeeny part of your brand.

What you’ll have after completing TLB is way more powerful than a logo — just check out what this student says about their TLB-journey:

TLB is for you if...

You know that there’s more to a brand than meets the eye, and that the strategic foundation behind the visuals is what truly makes you unique and memorable – but you’re unsure of where to start and a little intimidated by this whole strategy thing. (Trust me, you don’t have to be a cocky dude in a suit to do strategy work!)

You’re just starting out and have more time than money. However, you know that investing that time into carefully crafting your brand strategy is likely to be reflected in your bottom line over time – through increased brand recognition and by saving you time and money on brand implementation.

You’ve been running your biz for a while but struggle to stay consistent with your messaging and visuals, and you feel like it’s holding you back from reaching your full potential.

You keep tweaking those brand colours and fonts, but no matter what you do, something just feels off. You want to stand out as you, rather than falling into the “copycat” trap.

You’re sick of spending hours on each social media post to make it sound and/or look right. You want to get clear on your values and your why, so you can allow your brand personality to lead the way.

You want your heart to swell with pride every time you present your brand – and rightly so, because you deserve to shine! You want to stop hiding behind a generic logo and start showing up with confidence. 

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About the course creator

I’m Solveig Petch, aka Petchy, and I’d love to help you establish a true connection with your audience through strategic brand design — so they become customers, fans and loyal ambassadors. You want to excite, attract, delight, and make it easy for the right people to remember you. To do that, you’re gonna need more than a pretty logo, and that’s where I come in. I fuse strategy with design, for values-driven brand transformations that support business growth.

Petchy xx



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