Unleash the power of your unique brand personality in just two weeks – so that you can do the work you love for the clients of your dreams!

Introducing the Brand it! Boost:

Have you been putting off working on your brand strategy because you’re not sure where to start or why you need one in the first place? Then this programme is for you!

Over the course of two weeks, you’ll dive into the very core of your brand – in a small group setting and with 1:1 guidance from an experienced brand strategist.

Have you been putting off working on your brand strategy because you’re not sure where to start or why you need one on the first place? Then this programme is for you!

Over the course of two weeks you’ll dive into the very core of your brand – in a small group setting and with 1:1 guidance from an experienced brand strategist.

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Bridge the gap between design and business

Think of brand strategy as the bridge between your business strategy and your visual brand + marketing efforts. Spending a little time working on the very core of your brand means that staying consistently on brand will be easier, because when you know and embrace your brand personality you can show up confidently as you – every time!

Maybe you’re thinking “But why do I even need a brand strategy? It sounds too much like hard work!” Maybe you’re secretly sh*t scared it’s going to be complicated and all too much and you dunno where to start and just… gaaaah!

Fret not!

That’s exactly why I put this 2-week programme together: so I can guide you as you work through my tried and tested Brand it! roadmap and get clear on:

→  your why and your how

→  your goals

→  your dream clients

→  your positioning

→  your unique brand personality

→  your values

→  your brand story


It really doesn’t have to be complicated! I am a firm believer that branding should be fun, so I’ve spiced it all up with exercises to make the right part of your brain (that’s where all the creative juices live) do a little happydance!

If you’re not clear on your brand values and personality yet, you may struggle to retain brand consistency. You risk sending mixed messages, confusing your audience, and attracting the wrong people. The good news is: you can totally step up and take control of your brand!

Having a rock solid brand foundation gives you clarity, and will make the rest of your branding efforts so. much. easier.

Wouldn’t it be nice if…


Attracting your dream clients feels easy peasy, because you know who they are and what you can help them with.


Your brand photographer jumps for joy, because they’re able to capture images that really showcase your amazing brand personality – with ease.


Staying true to your brand values feels effortless, because you have a clear vision of who you are and what you stand for.


Your copywriter wants to kiss your feet (ok maybe not, but you get my drift!) because you’ve made it a heckuvalot easier for them to craft that compelling, client attracting brand story for you.


Your designer just looooves you because they’ll have a strategic foundation to base your brand identity on, so it’s not just a pretty logo and a gorgeous colour palette with no substance.


Your dream clients notice you, and because you’re showing up consistently, they recognise you, feel like they know you, start to trust you (yes, the famous know, like and trust factor!) – and ultimately want to work with you! Woohoo!

Sounds pretty good, huh?

Don’t just take my word for it

This is a super insightful and well thought through collection!

I worked through some of this resource with an event company recently. It led to some exciting and important strategy discussions. So valuable, it’s a steal.

Iren Hope Rønhovde

Pen Intended

Petchy’s Brand it! Roadmap is more than a workbook! Not only did it help me set up my brand fundamentals, it also helped me clarify the purpose of my business and the impact I want to create with my target audience. This is not a one-and-done type of workbook. It’s a document to go back to whenever the messages we’re trying to cross over to our audience become a little blurry. I highly recommend it.

Maya Saric

Sharpshine Copy

Here’s what you’ll get:

My premium Brand it! roadmap workbook: a 30-page fillable PDF to help you discover your unique brand personality – and a document to refer back to as you continue building your brand. It’s like having a little brand strategist in your pocket!

Short and to-the-point audio guides for each step in the workbook

A one hour 1:1 video strategy call, to help you power right through any hurdles as you work through the roadmap

Two weeks of support in our Facebook community, where I will be on hand to give advice and feedback, along with your fellow brandits

1 x live Q&A inside the Facebook group

2 x Voxer office hours where you can send me a text or voice message and I’ll get back to you with tailored feedback and advice

Mockup of the Brand it! Workbook cover

The Brand it! Boost is for you if…


You’ve been running your biz for a while but struggle to stay consistent with your messaging and visuals, and you feel like it’s holding you back from reaching your full potential.


You’re just starting out and you want to hit the ground running with a solid strategic foundation, so you can attract your perfect clients from the word go!


You want to consistently attract the right type of client, so Mondays are a cause of joy rather than dread. You want to work with clients and projects that fire you up and allow you to perform your magic!


You’re sick of spending hours on each social media post to make it sound and/or look right. You want to get clear on your values and your why, so you can allow your brand personality to lead the way.


You feel like you’re shouting into the void, talking to everyone but no one is actually listening. You want to stand out as you, rather than falling into the “copycat” trap.


You want your heart to swell with pride every time you present your brand – and rightly so, because you deserve to shine!

Registration is now closed. Join the waitlist for the next round!


What if I have no clue about brand strategy?

That’s why you’re here, right? The Brand it! Roadmap was developed to help business owners discover and express their brand’s inner core – no previous experience needed. Remember: you’re the expert on your brand!

I'm strapped for time, is this still for me?

I get it, running a biz can get preeeetty frantic at times! It’s really up to you how much time you put into it, but in the long run, the Brand it! roadmap should save you time. I recommend setting aside at least an hour or two for each week of this programme, and then keep coming back to it regularly – because a brand is a constantly evolving creature.

Will I get a logo from taking part in this programme?

No. But you’ll have a damn fine strategic foundation on which to build a killer brand identity, whether you go down the DIY route or hire a designer – and remember: a logo is just a teeeeny part of your brand. What you’ll have after completing the Brand it! Roadmap is way more powerful than a logo!

I want to ask about something else!

See that chatbox on the bottom right corner of this page? Pop your question in there and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Will I see you inside?

Hi, I’m Petchy and I’m looking forward to getting to know you! With a background in Design Management, almost two decades of working with brands of all types and sizes + over a decade as a business owner myself, I’ve experienced first hand the powerful impact a brand strategy can have. I know that a strategic and powerful brand can change the way you (and your dream clients!) think about your business, and I’d love to help you make that transition!

Petchy xx


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