Remarkable branding for the quietly rebellious.

You know #thatfeeling when your business has evolved, but your brand doesn’t reflect your new level of badassery? It’s time to fix that.

Hello, there!

I’m Solveig Petch, aka Petchy, and I’d love to help you establish a true connection with your audience through strategic brand design — so they become customers, fans and loyal ambassadors. You want to excite, attract, delight, and make it easy for the right people to remember you. To do that, you’re gonna need more than a pretty logo, and that’s where I come in. I fuse strategy with design, for values-driven brand transformations that support business growth.

Let's do this!

Armed with 20+ years of hands-on branding experience, I help values-driven business owners connect with more of their omg, yes! clients. A solid strategy + a unique brand identity is a potent combination — with the power to transform the way you, and your dream clients, think about your business.


Brand identity design

In my signature service, strategy meets design as we dig deep to discover the essence of your brand, and craft a stunning, dream client attracting, visual representation of all that your brand stands for.


Brand Boost

In this one-day strategic refinement of your existing brand visuals, I help you make the most of what you’ve already got! Fall in love with your brand all over again — without having to scrap everything and start from scratch.


Brand it! strategy hours

Step back and get the big-picture view as we look at where you are with your brand vs. where you want to be — and then make a plan to bridge those gaps. Book one if you want a quick confidence-boost, or stack'em if you want to dig deeper!

Meet the Brand it! framework

Born from over two decades of working first-hand with brands of all shapes and sizes, this framework is the essence of my entire branding philosophy — and it all starts with your brand core. Every part of your brand is interlinked, so every change you make to one part will impact the rest. That’s why it’s so important to get the brand core right before you start working on the ‘sexy’ stuff. The Brand it! framework is not a fill-it-in-and-forget about it thing; it’s a tool you’ll keep coming back to again and again, that you can lean on to make business decisions, and tweak as your brand evolves.

I design for you, not for me.

Actually, I don’t really design for you either. Using design to make your brand’s uniqueness shine, and to resonate with your dream clients, means I leave my personal taste behind and focus on designing impactful and one-of-a-kind brand identities that do the job they’re meant to do. But don’t worry: they still look the part too. Here are a few recent projects — and there are more to see in my portfolio too!

Free micro course

Brand values, not bland values!



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